How I came to live with mom: The vet man thinks I was born September 30 2014. in novemeber of that year 8 ft. of snow was dumped on our area, also dumped were 3 tiny kittens in a box. A nice lady and her husbad found a rescued the babies, My brother and sister had frost bite on their noses but are okay now. In December mom was at the vet with Brother Anubis and I was there for my first check up. Mom said what cute babies, to the lady. It was a sad day for mom, she found out Brother Anubis had cancer, four days later he crossed the bridge. Mom was very sad, brother Ramses had crosses the bridge in February of that year. Grandma had called the vet to see if they knew of any kitties available, and they did. she got in touch with a lady who was more then happy to give mom a kitty after hearing about Brother Anubis. Wasn’t mom surprised when she found out it was me and the lady!! So that is how I came to live with mom!!!!

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