The Butt Warmer

Digital Camera
mom said I couldn’t sit ON the Butt Warmer

When I came to live with Mom I found a very interesting place to sit. It is called The Butt Warmer.  I found out that My Brothers liked this thing as well. When you sit on it you can do all sorts of things, turn it off, open files, type, open pictures, open new windows. turn off mom’s games.  And best of all it is warm to sit on. I like this Butt Warmer!!

Digital Camera
Locking the Butt Warmer
Digital Camera
Sleeping on the Butt Warmer
I see you mom
I see you mom
Digital Camera
No games today mom
Digital Camera
Digital Camera
Being cute
Closed fro business
Closed for business
Digital Camera
I think I found the problem

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