Things we did this week

This week we chased a FLYING RAISIN!! Kephri is at a disadvantage because he can’t get his FAT BUTT up on the curtain rod like I can MOL!!.  We had some hot days so mom but the Air blower thing on for us. But I wanted the door open so I could sit on my chair and look out the window so we compromised  and mom put the storm window down but left the door open!! GODDESS WIN!!


Kephri and I wrestled a lot. His Birthday is on the 14th!1 He will be one year old!!

We got some new toys from our Furrend Gizmo!! They have LOTS of kitty Nip in them!! We liked them lots!!IMG_3617IMG_3632

His mom makes the best toys EVER!! you can buy them and she will ship them to you!!

We are having a lasy day today. Tomorrow, Caturday. Is our Furrend Miyu Sashat Talbot’s Birthday. Her is named after me!! On mom’s facebook page we are throwing her a Birthday party and the theme is Secret Garden!! Maybe someday you could come to mom’s Facebook page and join! We have parties, and Trivia, and All sorts of fun things!!

Well that’s all for now!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat and Kephritwins

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