Things have changed

I’ve been off for awhile, mom’s been busy. That’s her excuse anyway’s! Things have changed. I have a new Baby Brofur and his name is Kephri!!

Mom named him after the Egyptian God of Scarabs and again his name has six letters. So here are the two of us telling mom to get off Da Butt Warmer and pat attention to us!! As you can see I’m still A GODDESS!! I’m a svelte 7 pounds and the “little” guy is 12 pounds mol. I’m in charge around here though.

We like to chase each other around the house and jump and play. I ALWAYS win! mol

We  are in summer here. Mom keeps the A.C. on for us but I like it best when the windows are open. There are lots of things to see Outside-Outside. Birds, Bunnies, Squirrels, and other kitties.


here is Kephri when he was a baby


He was a cutie. I didn’t like him when he first came to live with us, but I got used to him. Now we have lot’s of fun together!. mom  says she will keep up on this and posts lot’s!!. Bye for now! You GODDESS in training!!


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